Avanà Transparency

Franco Ugetti
Maestro pasticcere - Bardonecchia

Ingredients for 4 Servings (8 cups)

For spiced bread: 100 gr water, 45 gr sugar, 100 gr honey, 1 gr spices, 3 gr aniseed, orange and lemon peel, 100 gr flour, 1 gr chemical yeast, 6 gr baking soda, 1 gr salt, 65 gr melted butter

For caramel cream: 250 gr cream, 70 gr brown sugar, 50 gr egg yolks, 20 gr brown sugar, 3 gr jelly, 50 gr whipped cream

For pears with Avanà: 500 gr chopped pears, 130 gr brown sugar, 100 gr butter, 200 gr Valsusa DOC (Avanà) wine, cloves, cinnamon, juniper, coriander, aniseed, vanilla, orange peel.


Spiced bread: Mix the spices and the peel with water, sugar and honey. Bring to boil, filter with a strainer and sprinkle on the sieved flour. Add melted butter, knead and let it sit for 12 hours. Put the dough in a plum-cake mold. Bake in the oven at 180° C for around 20 minutes.

Caramel cream: Dry-cook 50 gr of sugar to obtain brown caramel. Stop the cooking process by adding warm liquid cream. Mix the yolks with the remaining sugar, pour the cream on the yolks, add the jelly and cook at 82° C. Pour through a strainer, cool rapidly and delicately add whipped cream.

Pears with Avanà: Dry-cook the sugar to obtain brown caramel. Stop the cooking process by adding butter cut into small pieces. Add the pears in pieces, then add the spices and Valsusa DOC wine. Cook on a low flame, let it reduce, let it cool and drain.

How to serve: Pour in a glass cup 45 gr of caramel cream and let it crystalize in the fridge. Add the spiced bread cut into small cubes or into a disc the size of the glass cup. Place the wine pears and their syrup. Add cinnamon whipped cream and muscovado sugar on top.

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