A rustic, productive grape, which is found all over the province, often in conjunction with other vines. A cultivar with good agronomic and productive characteristics, for it to ripen correctly and technologically, it needs a large amount of heat, and prefers a sunny exposure and a dry position. If these temperature requirements are not met, the grape can produce characteristics that make the wine too rough or acidic. It adapts to various cultivation and pruning methods, but the taller, horizontal structures typical of some areas of the Canavese hills and Pinerolo area can result in increased acidity due to excess productivity. Where disease is concerned, the grape is not prone to phylloxera, but is affected by mildew and acid mould. It ripens medium to late, and output is usually abundant. The Barbera grape is used for a wide range of wines; when blended with other cultivars, it increases the alcohol level, acidity and colour but, if used singly, it produces wine of a ruby red colour, with a good alcohol content and well structured, that supports moderate ageing well.

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