Dolcetto is grown all over Piemonte, and was introduced in the province of Torino after the outbreak of phylloxera; because it ripens early, it was planted in areas where tardy varietals generally found it difficult to reach maturity (cooler foothills and Alpine valleys). Today it can be found in all wine-producing areas, but to different degrees: it is more popular in the Pinerolo area and the Susa Valley, and only found sporadically in the Canavese hills and Collina Torinese. This varietal is of medium vigour with somewhat particular climatic requirements: in very damp areas, or where there is a considerable difference between the day-time and night-time temperatures, it is prone to pre-harvest “cascola” or dropping (the grapes tend to brake away from the stalk). Output is moderate and it produces a ruby red wine with violet overtones, with a good alcohol content and good body, that is best drunk young or after a short period of ageing.

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