Doux d’Henry

The Doux d’Henry grape has been cultivated in the Pinerolo area for centuries, to the point that the Conte di Rovasenda indicated it as a native varietal, particularly in the towns of Pinerolo, Bibiana, Perosa Argentina and Torre Pellice. Today the largest vineyards are concentrated in San Secondo di Pinerolo and Prarostino, where they can be found at altitudes of up to 600 m. Doux d’Henry is a very vigorous grape, which demands horizontal growing systems and drastic pruning; output is inconstant because it is prone both to blossom loss and irregular bunch development, but also because of the male sterility that makes it necessary to plant the grape together with other varietals. It resists frost and mildew, but also Botrytis cinerea, because of the sparse conformation of the bunch. When ripe, the grapes are large in size but the colour is not intense. It has a pleasant taste and was a popular table grape in the past. When used singly, it produces a wine with a weak colour, that is light, fresh and perfumed.

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