Neretto di Bairo can be found all over the Canavese hills; it is a varietal with red grapes that once played a very important role in local winemaking. Today it is grown sporadically and is used to produce Canavese Rosso DOC but is rarely used singly. It is a vigorous vine, but because the buds at the base of the shoot are not particularly fertile, it needs to be cultivated on an extended structure, such as the traditional pergola used in the Canavese hills, which allows long and drastic pruning. Grape output is not constant because abundant rainfall in the flowering period tends to limit the fruit set. Although the grape is considered of good quality for winemaking and above all suitable for the production of young, easyto-drink wines, this grape is slowly being abandoned by vine-farmers in favour of varietals with a more abundant and constant output.

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