Avanà is one of a number of varietals that can be considered “trans-national” because it also grows in Savoie and Dauphiné. In modern-day Piemonte, it is cultivated almost exclusively in the middle and upper Susa Valley and the Chisone Valley (Pinerolo), where it is supported on a counter-espalier of medium height, or even in the form of a bush because the pedoclimatic environment curbs its vigour. Output is not constant and the exposure of the grapes to the sun must be monitored to prevent colouring defects. On its own, the grape produces a fresh, fruity wine, with a light body, and a somewhat weak colour but a good shade which deteriorates rapidly into orange. Since 996, Avanà grapes can be used to produce Pinerolese DOC, and Pinerolese Ramìe in particular, and since 997, alone or with other local varietals (Becuet, Chatus, etc.) to produce Valsusa DOC.

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