An Americano that is “wrong” in all its components: the Biancosarti, a famous delicate bitter, the Torino-style amber vermouth and the Alpestre, a spirit with bitter and herbaceous notes, are complemented by the Freisa di Chieri Frizzante DOC of the Torino hills.


4 cl Freisa di Chieri Frizzante DOC
5 cl Biancosarti 5 cl Vermouth Anselmo Riserva
1 cl Liquore Alpestre

Pour the ingredients, except the wine, into an Old fashioned glass filled with ice.

Mix gently and add two short straws. Gently pour the wine so that it remains in suspension, creating a colour shade. Serve as it is but mix before drinking.

Michele Marzella

At 17, in his hometown, Pinerolo, he began to mix the first aperitifs and followed the first course of American bartending at the Wizard of Oz School in Torino.
At the age of twenty, he managed the cocktail bar “Terrazza Ramazzotti” on the Promenade of Porto Cervo. There he matured the right experience to manage the Diwan Cafè, the historic facility of San Salvario in Torino, where he oversaw the bar for five years specialising in bar management and wine.
In 2015 he contributed to the opening of the Affini, a small cocktail and tapas bar specialised in mixed drinks based on Vermouth and Gin, where he is currently the bar manager.
After numerous collaborations with Eataly, he arrived in NewYork to take part in the construction of the cocktail list for the Vermut Bar of the Manzo restaurant.

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