After the era of Futurist mixing of the 1930s, wine is returning to be the protagonist of cocktails. This trend has inspired the idea of creating a “paper” that expresses drinks that strongly rooted in the territory, starting from the main ingredients: the DOC and DOCG wines of the province of Torino and the vermouth, the famous flavoured wine of the Torino tradition.

Historically food was washed with wine or vinegar before eating and often marinated. Since there were no refrigerators and no other ways to preserve meat, the use of salt, vinegar, wine and aromatic herbs was the only way to prevent spoiling, along with drying techniques.

In the culinary tradition of Piedmont marinated meat, “civet” or “salmì” wine-based sauces, and fruit poached in wine feature prominently. Even today, when preserving food poses no such challenge anymore, ancient recipes have survived the test of time and still give us the chance to enjoy the wealth of flavors that wine adds to each dish.

Here you will find seven recipes made with seven wines from the Torino area – one for each denomination. They are just a small taste of the countless possibilities offered by the combination of wine and food.

Historical research, adaptation to current tastes and new recipes are the result of our collaboration with Accademia per Buongustai

Sac à Poche, that selected recipes by famed cooks and pastry chefs from various regions of Italy, who have interpreted Torino’s local food and wine tradition adding their own personal touch.

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An Americano that is "wrong" in all its components: the Biancosarti, a famous delicate bitter, the Torino-style amber vermouth and the Alpestre, a spirit with bitter and herbaceous notes, are complemented by the Freisa di Chieri Frizzante DOC of the Torino hills.


Easy to drink, fresh and fragrant when consumed; prepared in a blender or with the use of a hand blender. A concentrate of aromas and stories from two areas: Pinerolo in the province of Torino and the Hawaiian city of Honolulu. The name "Cerealoha" was born from the union of the two typical welcome greetings: "Cerea" in Piemonte and "Aloha" in Hawaii.


Change is a drink that, although within the mixology rules, considers wine an ingredient to be comfortably mixed with other liquid and solid products, totally changing its traditional consumption. This mix refers to local tradition and respects the organoleptic peculiarities of Carema, a wine that stirs emotions related to its terraced vineyards and ageing process. Due to these characteristics, Carema is a wine that can be used with freedom, because it provides the opportunity to dare with ingredients that are a little outside the classic, simple but with incredible impact.


Punch inspired by the Hawaiian - Polynesian culture and by our lands, a drink to be consumed with a group of friends.


It is a drink that has the characteristics of the Caribbean Punch, with ingredients such as Jamaican Rum and Pimento, typical of Montego Bay. The note of clove recalls the Vin Brulèe of the Piemonte tradition. Overall, this is a refreshing drink, in which the Barbera della Collina Torinese, with its scents of violet and red fruits, concludes the whole.


The unusual encounter between the passito and a refreshing, almost summery drink, which allows us to reinterpret the passito as a high quality product.


Six o'clock: the undisputed historical happy hour in Torino. The cocktail in fact contains two of the ingredients that have made the history of this way of drinking the Italian way: bitter and sparkling wine.

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