Punch inspired by the Hawaiian – Polynesian culture and by our lands, a drink to be consumed with a group of friends.


5 cl Pinerolese Ramie DOC wine
5 cl vermouth Carlo Alberto
2.5 cl Anselmo Bitter
2 cl pink grapefruit juice
1 cl cinnamon syrup

Decoration: lemon or orange slice, frozen grapes

Construction technique: Build, prepared directly in a bowl or in a glass.
To be cooled, and not diluted. Use frozen Pinerolese grapes as a cooling component.

Livio Buscaglia
Founder of the Sweet & Sour School of Torino, a school of American bar and bartending flair, he is known throughout Italy for his seminars, masters and events, also organised with foreign celebrities.

He found the maximum of his professional expression at the “Tiki & Tropical” with the project “Secretiki“, linked to the Polynesian culture of Tiki.

He works in Torino at “La Casa del Demone“, in the heart of the Roman quadrilateral.

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